Crystal Cabin Awards WINNER 2016. Now experience JOY at AIX18 stand 7A45

#Experience JOY

Our mission is to change the airline seating industry by making a product that benefits both the passengers and the airlines. Experience our brand new seat called JOY at AIX18


We have a brand new approach to the whole concept of passenger space, safety and comfort whilst offering the airlines multiple advantages from quicker boarding and lower maintenance to increased style and function. Our use of new materials and a consumer focused design process has resulted in a seat that benefits all users and owners alike whilst offering a solution that is styled unlike any other seat where form and function work in unison to great effect.

Quicker entry and exit to aircraft

By folding up our patented ‘booster’ seat each passenger is able to stand in their own footwell more comfortably to enable other passengers to pass by. This will enable passengers to board the aircraft and make themselves comfortable without restricting others, resulting in quicker aircraft turnaround times.

Maximise the passenger envelope

By developing our unique geometry in unison with the rules and regulations we are able to provide every passenger with the maximum possible allowable space within economy class, in any given seat pitch.

The safest economy style seat

By utilising the renowned safety credentials of a three point harness and combining them with our unique geometry we are able to offer an economy seat that provides greater levels of safety and support than any other economy class seat.

Reduced maintenance costs

Our design ethos has been to keep manufacture, installation and maintenance simple by reducing the component part count. We have embraced the mechanical design aspects and reduced the need for unnecessary weight increasing covers, resulting in a low maintenance / reduced spares requirement.

Increased seat comfort

By combining a pre-reclined angle of 17 degrees and carefully considered geometry with the latest in foam and cushion technology, we have developed a seat that offers a new level of comfort within short haul economy class. Combining this with the unique patented folding "Booster" seat allows the passengers freedom to move within their own space with an alternative seating position to use in flight to aid comfort and help combat fatigue and possibly DVT.